Lab-Grown Meat

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Humane alternative to tradition methods of anmal slaughtering. Meat is cultivated from animal cells in a lab, reducing animal suffering and promoting ethical food choices.

 A Kinder Approach to Meat Production

What is Lab-Grown Meat?

Cultured meat may generate up to 96% lower greenhouse gas emissions than conventionally produced meat, according to Oxford.

Environment Friendly Althernative 

Switching to lab grown meat can cut our water consumption between 82 and 96%, depending on the animal.

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Saves Water

Saves Water

FDA- Approval

The FDA and USDA have evaluated and approved the safety for consumption of lab-grown meat, paving the way for its commercialization, a breakthrough in food industry

All is not well.

All is not well.

Cultured meat’s global warming potential could be between 80% lower to 26% above that of conventional beef production, they calculate.

A study found that the production of 1000 kg of lab-grown meat requires approximately 7-45% less energy (even lower for poultry) and uses 99% less land.

Conserves Planet

Conserves Planet

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